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**** Shelby Weber is not available to drive until June of 2024.

Charley and Shelby Weber and Craig Sufficool now book by hand. Jeff Weber is online booking and is very full. Please call Shelby at 701-412-3086 and Charley at 701-412-5574 or Craig at 701-361-7816 if you can not find dates and times online with Jeff. 

Drive bookings in Fargo Can be up to 5 months out at any moment.
CLICK "Instructions and..." at top left

1. Get Permit

2. Decide if you want to do the Waiver Program, Class and behind the wheel, (then we can road test you/child), or just the behind the wheel (6 hours) (you road test at the DMV).

3.  Watch the informational Video's. Book online your choices.

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