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Gotta Go Drving School, GGDS, Fargo

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Fargo Lessons

Behind The Wheel

Students schedule their own required hours and can be picked up and dropped off from any location in the Fargo/Moorhead area. Students follow a multi-step driving curriculum which includes, (but is not limited to) gravel, interstate, two lane highway, roundabouts, all 3 types of parking, major streets and avenues in the area and more.

Road Test Waiver
When you take the 6 hours of behind the wheel from GGDS and complete the 30-hour class from a certified school, GGDS may be able to conduct the road test instead of taking it at the DMV. See the permit study book, page 2 for more information.

The Class (ND residents only)

Students follow a 30-hour curriculum that they complete at their own pace. The curriculum includes power points, movies and short answer/essay tests. 

Our Vehicles

Pending availability:

4 door 2019 GMC Canyon

4 door 2018 Ford Explorer Sport

4 door 2016 Dodge Charger Rally

*All vehicles have a brake on the instructor's side of car


Minnesota residents are able to complete the required 6 hours of behind the wheel with Gotta Go Driving School once the student has a valid Minnesota State drivers permit.

Prices as of 01-01-20

  • Online Class and Drive  $500: 30-hour class and the 6 hours of behind the wheel.

      WAIVER PROGRAM where          GGDS could conduct road              test rather than DMV. 

      See "Road Test Waiver"                  above.

  • Drive only: $375:  6-hour of behind the wheel (driving 6 hours).

  • Online Class Only: $125 - Online Booking:  The 30-hour online class only.

  • Individual one hour sessions: Up to $75.00 per hour for skill sessions. 

*Weekend drives may be available at an up-charge. Call for availability!

Please note that the permit testing location has changed in Fargo to NDSCS Fargo location. 1305 19th Ave North Fargo. Testing times are 8am-11am and 1pm-4pm, Monday - Friday.

DMV sends you to GGDS

You may have failed the test too many times and the DMV requires you to contact a driving school for more lessons. GGDS will charge an hourly rate. We usually do a minimum of two hours.

  • One hour evaluation session

  • One hour lesson

When GGDS is confident you are ready to test again, GGDS will give you a certificate of training to take to the DMV.

Real ID Information from the department of transportation.


Booking Now? A non refundable $110 deposit is needed to book any drives. Contact us for driving openings. We are usually 4 months out. PLEASE ONLY PAY $110 ONE TIME! SERVICE FEES WILL APPLY IF YOU DO THIS MORE THAN ONCE.

Hint: Book your 30 hour online registration meeting.  Pay $110 deposit. Then click the orange cone book 6 hr of driving box and book your drives.  If drive only, pay deposit in "drive only deposit book it box," then click orange cone book 6 hr driving box and book your drives. Click below "BOOK NOW" to get started. 

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