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Driving School

Booking Now? A non refundable $200 deposit is needed to book any drives. Contact us for driving openings. We are usually 4 months out. PLEASE ONLY PAY $200 ONE TIME! SERVICE FEES WILL APPLY IF YOU DO THIS MORE THAN ONCE.

Hint: Book your 30 hour online registration meeting.  Pay $200 deposit. Then click the orange cone book 6 hr of driving box and book your drives.  If drive only, pay deposit in "drive only deposit book it box," then click orange cone book 6 hr driving box and book your drives. Click below "BOOK NOW" to get started. 

Behind The Wheel

Girl in Car

Students schedule their own required hours and can be picked up and dropped off from any location in the Fargo/Moorhead area. Students follow a multi-step driving curriculum which includes, (but is not limited to) gravel, interstate, two lane highway, roundabouts, all 3 types of parking, major streets and avenues in the area and more.

Road Test Waiver
When you take the 6 hours of behind the wheel from GGDS and complete the 30-hour class from a certified school, GGDS may be able to conduct the road test instead of taking it at the DMV. See the permit study book, page 2 for more information.
GGDS is usually 5 months out with their drive bookings. Online class is not $140 because of the raising of the cost with our old host. We had to develop a new platform and costs went up. 


  • Online Class and Drive  $530: 30-hour class and the 6 hours of behind the wheel.

      WAIVER PROGRAM where          GGDS could conduct road              test rather than DMV. 

      See "Road Test Waiver"                  above.

  • Drive only: $390:  6-hour of behind the wheel (driving 6 hours).

  • Online Class Only: $140 - Online Booking:  The 30-hour online class only.

  • Individual one hour sessions: Up to $75.00 per hour for skill sessions.

  • Trailer Lesson are available. Please inquire.

 *****There is a GAS Surcharge of $5 per drive if gas is $3.00 per gal or above. ($15 total for three drives) If above $3.99 per gal we will adjust.

*Weekend drives may be available at an up-charge. Call for availability!

Please note that the PERMIT testing location in Fargo is now in the strip mall to the east of Hornbacher's off 13th Ave and 42nd St S. 


The Class (ND residents only)

Students follow a 30-hour curriculum that they complete at their own pace. The curriculum includes power points, movies and short answer/essay tests. Students MUST reach 30 or more hours and can not just sit on a lesson to receive time on timer. Ethics is at the forefront here. GGDS correcting teachers will contact your registered email with instructions and comments. Please check your email often and READ this feedback.

DMV sends you to GGDS

You may have failed the test too many times and the DMV requires you to contact a driving school for more lessons. GGDS will charge an hourly rate. We usually do a minimum of two hours.

  • One hour evaluation session

  • One hour lesson

When GGDS is confident you are ready to test again, GGDS will give you a certificate of training to take to the DMV.

Real ID Information from the department of transportation.

Cars Formation

Our Vehicles

Pending availability:

4 door 2023 Ford Bronco

4 door 2023 Ford Explorer 

4 door 2023 F150 

4 door 2022 Honda CRV

*All vehicles have a brake on the instructor's side of car


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