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 Stanley Lessons      As of 01-01-2022 By appointment only.

Girl in Car

Behind The Wheel

Students schedule their own required hours and can be picked up and dropped off from any location in the Dickinson area. Students follow a multi-step driving curriculum which includes, (but is not limited to) gravel, interstate, two lane highway, roundabouts, all 3 types of parking, major streets and avenues in the area and more.

Road Test Waiver
When you take the 6 hours of behind the wheel from GGDS and complete the 30-hour class from a certified school, GGDS may be able to conduct the road test instead of taking it at the DMV. See the permit study book, page 2 for more information.

The Class

Students follow a 30-hour curriculum that they complete at their own pace. The curriculum includes power points, movies and short answer/essay tests. 

Cars Formation

Our Vehicles

Stanley: 2019 Chevy Equinox

Bonita- 701-240-4993

*These vehicles have a brake on the instructor's side of the car



Please Contact Bonita in Stanley to set up your drives:

The organization that oversees the online class has doubled the price to GGDS this week. We have to cover that cost. 1-5-22

$515: 6-hour Behind The Wheel Course only (driving 6 hours).

$140:  The 30-hour online class only.

$515:  30-hour class and the 6 hours of Behind The Wheel.

If you do this, GGDS may be able to conduct your road test. 

  • See "Road Test Waiver" above.

Up to $75.00 per hour for skill sessions. 

Permit study session. $35 per hour and $10 per attendee.

DMV sends you to GGDS

You may have failed the test too many times and the DMV requires you to contact a driving school for more lessons. GGDS will charge an hourly rate. We usually do a minimum of two hours.

  • One hour evaluation session

  • One hour lesson

When GGDS is confident you are ready to test again, GGDS will give you a certificate of training to take to the DMV.

Real ID Information from the department of transportation.

Driving School

Want to brush up on your driving skills?

We can set up a lesson just to re-teach how to parallel park or how to properly handle the roundabouts in the area.

Maybe you are 16 and want Behind The Wheel for an insurance discount. Call, we can set up the 6 hour course.

Want To Schedule Your First Lesson? Click here >
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